A Fallen Knight.

The Fallen Knights are enemies encountered in Overlord. They are once-noble Knights of Heaven's Peak, who have fallen from glory and lost their honour.


They wear fully armoured suits of metal and patrol the city, uncaring of the people's suffering. While individually tough, these Knights have also taken up arms alongside The Silent Order, who can resurrect them back to life if they are slain in combat. When you defeat the Order, forcing them into serving you as their new God, the Knights will also stop attacking you, and may even assist you sometimes.

They are known for their weapons and armour made of Durium, which offers them all excellent protection as well as weaponry of exquisite quality. The Overlord himself can later forge a set of armour made out of this substance.


  • The Knights of Heaven's Peak appear to have once worn red capes along with their Durium armour. These capes appear to have since been ravaged and torn in battle.


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