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Fairy Gems are not nearly as rare in number as the Dark Crystals, but are valuable just the same, and are used to forge powerful weapons and armour in Overlord II.

As it turns out, the Overlord will actually have to do some grinding (e.g. revisit the Nordberg Sanctuary several times), if he wants to forge the two helmets and two armours, plus 3-4 of the new weapons, easily requiring 170 or more Fairy Gems.


It should be noted that there is a certain level of randomness to collecting Fairy Gems, and this is also related to the number of gems the Overlord already has collected. With less than 10 gems, a visit to the Nordberg Sanctuary may easily yield another 10 gems, with 40 gems already collected you may only get another five or so.

  • They can be "mined" from pink-ish crystals found e.g. in the Nordberg Sanctuary.
  • Be sure to destroy the stylized "fire columns" with the pink-ish crystals on top, these yield Fairy Gems in the sanctuaries.
  • After stunning dryads, and destroying the central pod, it will also yield Fairy Gems, only once though, again in the sanctuaries.
  • Fairies sometimes drop them, e.g. in the Nordberg Sanctuary.
  • Gnomes sometimes drop them, try the Everlight Facility.
  • Mermaids on the yellow-key island in the Everlight Reef.
  • The elves e.g. their warriors, but also the normal elves e.g. in Everlight Town drop them.
  • Loot, e.g. barrels or wooden boxes, very rarely yield Fairy Gems.
  • The Unicorns drop them,try to wait the battle with The Devourer a little and you will earn more than 10 of them.
  • The Giant Frogs sometimes drop them,try the Empire Sewers.