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The Forest Temple,full with Skull Rats,Skull Stags and Skull Boars.

The Evernight Forest.

The Evernight Forest,after Oberon Greenhaze's Nightmares.

A small temple in the forest.

The Sacred Tree in the Sacred Grove.

'Evernight Forest is the former home of the elves. Oberon Greenhaze, the king of the elves, was connected to the forest by a mystical tree that formed around him after he fell into an eternal sleep. The forest was corrupted when his nightmares started to become reality, creating horrific monsters that attacked all that they saw.

Evernight Forest was invaded by the dwarves, who stole the statue of the Mother Goddess. Many of the elves were killed or taken as slaves by the dwarves. The remaining elves were killed by the monsters spawned by Oberon's nightmares. Much of the forest is still inhabited by the spirits of the dead elves.

Throughout Evernight you will find the ruins of an old elven city. The biggest ruin in Evernight is the Temple of the Mother Goddess, which grants access to the only part of the forest which is not corrupted, the elves' secret grove. You can burn the grove down, which will increase your

The Greens' Lair.



  • There is the possibility that in the past Evernight was in reality the forest of Illirium, the same forest shown in Overlord: Dark Legend, because they share the atmosphere and landscape, and obviously the proximity to Golden Hills . Because of the corruption spread in the forest, Illirium is mutated, becoming far larger, distorted and creepy and causing Meadow Sweet to be lost within Evernight.