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A concept for the Eradicator agents.This shows their look like.

"I don't like the look of those fellows either. Stay out of sight and away from those beams!"Gnarl during the first encounter with an Eradicator.

Eradicator Agents are large, muscular Humans, who use a machine to suck up any creatures of magic ability. If the creatures get in the way of a blue beam emitting from the device, they will be sucked into it. They also use the vacuum as a close-quarter combat weapon.

They wear gladiator-like armor and are frequently found patrolling the walls of the Everlight Facility and other Empire buildings of importance,like the Empire Arena Dungeons and The Empire Sewers.They are

Eradicator Agent Early Concept Art.

never heard speaking in the game and only make grunting noises.


Eradicators can be difficult to deal with, but if possible, stealth is always the best approach. Try to use Greens to sneak up behind them (wait until they stand still at the end of their patrolling path to backstab, as they take longer to react), and if that fails, you can get your Overlord in battle to avoid losing too many Minions.You can fool them,freeing many gnomes from the cells.They will run to the agents and the agents will run to suck them.Then if they stop,quickly send the Greens to them. Eradicators are not particularly strong., but due to their attack involve using the laser and having no delay between attacks (and you can't dodge much either since they just stand still and keep the laser on you), they will constantly drain the Overlord's health as he try to kill them. So in turn they are somewhat more dangerous than many other enemies.

Sometimes the in-game gnome diversions can have an adverse effect as the Eradicators may not return to their patrol path but stand at the site of the last gnome instead, making the area unpassable without high casualties.