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A concept for the soldiers,to explain how they look like.

A large Empire force consisting of a legion of soldiers, centurion and a gargantuan.

The Soldiers form the backbone of the Imperial army, and are commanded by centurions. They equipped with a pompeii gladiu swords, different shield for their rank, galea helmets, two pieces of shoulder armor, caligae and colored tunics to signify how effective they are in any given battle.

When in formation the soldiers within it receive a defence bonus and soldiers can not be individually targeted. In order to break a formation the group's morale must be lowered, which will result in the soldiers becoming scattered, allowing the player to individually target them. There are several ways to lower a formation's morale, the most practical way it to kill their centurion, but this may not always work since morale is also based on the size of the formation and perhaps their "rank", not to mention you can not always reach the centurion. Another way is to simply kill enough soldiers. Or you could simply use your Browns mounted on wolves and charge into the formation, this certainly does not help their morale. Minions refer to them as "shinies" due to their armor.

Empire Soldiers come in three different colours:

  • Green — The weakest of the troops. Normally found in small formations and unlike the other two variants, these troops use oval shields made of wood. These formations are very easy to defeat, a few Reds on a Guard Marker can dispatch an entire formation easily.
  • Blue — Only tough, if encountered in a large formation. The formations are tough due to their numbers and their scutum shields made of wood and iron that make them immune to fire. In many cases, you can use a path to get your minions behind them. Flanking them like this tends to lower their morale faster than a direct assault and will save you quite a few minions.
  • Black — The toughest troop type, wearing a square shield with a spike made of iron in the center. Can be found in small groups or formations. Other than a head on assault, there does not seem to be any weakness in these formations.