OL2 Landscape Art Empire Heartland

Empire Heartland, art.

The Empire Sewers are located under the Empire City. Here the Overlord searches for the Hive, which is unfortunately in grasp of a small crane that is later taken to the arena. Here you will find blue minions locked in wooden cargo's.
Empire Sewers

The Empire Sewers with all it's misery.

Blues. These sewers lead through the Empire Slums.
Empire Sewers Map

A map for the sewers.

Blues Cranes Platform

Lifting the Blues from the platforms with a crane.

Empire Sewers3

The sewers.

Empire Sewers4

The Empire Sewers.

Objects Edit

  • Catalyst

Friendlies Edit

Enemies Edit

Quests Edit

  • Collect 4 blue minions.
  • Collect 8 blue minions.
  • Collect 12 blue minions.
  • Get your blue hive back.
  • Win the arena.

Notes Edit

There is actually an safer way to leave the area. After the last area where you sweep the blues across two 8 minion buttons to drop the urns as a distraction and open the gates after getting near the final walkway another gate will lower and about four archers run in, instead of fighting your way through sweep the minions on the 8 minion button on the platform opening a gate on the other side to the right. You can now run back where you came free your blues and leave.

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