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The Legionaries, or often called the Imperial Guard are powerful Imperial soldiers, they are equipped with imperial gallic helmets, red tunics, two pieces of spiked shoulder armor, caligae and weapons based on their type. They have two types of soldiers long type soldiers close range type soldiers. They are normally found in groups of up to four or five at a time.

The types:

  • Crossbowmen - Wield two shot arcuballista in their right hand and wield a buckier shields in their left hand.
  • Swordsmen - Wield republican gladius swords in their right hand and wield parma shields in their left hand.


They can significantly damage the Overlord, so it is wise to take them out as quickly as possible. Using reds has been proven effective. Another way to deal with them is to lock onto them and unleash a small but quick burst of Magic, which will stun them and bring them to the ground. This will give you a chance to perform the killing blow on the legionary.