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"There's the scoundrel! The lady Juno was to be mine. We had an understanding. But you took her and now you shall feel the crushing boot of the Empire upon you!"
— The Gargantuan Empire General.

The Empire General is encountered on Battle Rock after the Overlord has saved Juno, claiming that he and Juno were going to have a relationship.

He appears as a hulking Gargantuan, albeit with more ornamental armour, a distinct, one piece of lion face shoulder armour, a Centurion-like head, a large lion face crest shield and he also wield a Gargantuan large wide-tipped sword.

Unlike other Gargantuans, he possesses a degree of intellect and tactical ability, enough that he can command troops on the field.

He also has some magic scene when he puts up a small magic barrier.

Battle Rock: Empire General[]

Seeking revenge for his loss of Juno, the Empire General has managed to launch an invasion on the Overlord's dark fortress. Accompanied by his army, he can be found within the Battle Rock arena.

The Empire General - Round 1[]

Notice the General is on a tower surrounded by a blockade. Kill both troops and get the ballistas up. One ballista shoots explosives, and you must use this one to take out the barricade, and the other shoots bolts, which are good for killing soldiers surrounding the explosive ballista.

Then, go up and attack the General, unlike the other Gargantuans he doesn't not charge at you but instead he is protected from your minions by a barrier. In single combat, he behaves similarly to a normal Gargantuan. His normal attacks will not knock the Overlord down as with other Gargantuans, however, he is capable of blocking melee attacks with his shield. Dodge his attacks, knock him over and attack him again, after taking enough damage he will retreat, ending the round.

The Empire General - Round 2[]

The General is still on the tower, and you must do a repeat of the previous battle, except attack him for longer.

The Empire General - Round 3[]

In this round, archers will fire at you from towers, so you must take them out with either ballista, before taking the barricade down with the explosive one. Do not yet leave the ballista, since more Empire troops with crossbows will emerge from one tower. Use the ballista to take them out, and then fight the General.

This time, at half-health, he will jump down and summon his troops to attack you. Leave your minions to fend them off, and shoot him with the explosive ballista. While he is down, attack him and then repeat. Be careful to avoid his charge attack. Eventually, you will kill him.


  • Aside from his head, the General's hands, feet and other exposed bodyparts all bear the same bronze skin-tone as a common Gargantuan. This hints that the General, having taken part in the Empire's experiments, he was a Centurion how had his body modified onto a Gargantuan's body, gaining great strength whilst maintaining his intelligence and tactical acumen.

  • In his desperation for revenge, the General may have even undergone the modified procedure to aid in his battle against the Overlord.




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The Empire General.