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Empire Heartland, art.

The Empire Arena is a large arena located in Empire City. It is also where many of the magical creatures are taken when they are captured by imperial soldiers. Here, they are pitched against soldiers, other magical creatures and Gargantuans. This arena is where the Yeti is taken when the elves take him away.

The Overlord is captured by sentinels in the Imperial palace and brought to the arena. It is also believed that Florian was brought here, but it is later revealed he is Emperor Solarius, and he claims to have escaped with the help of a Fairy.

When the Overlord is brought here before the citizens of the empire, and the Emperor himself, he is pitted against waves of various enemies, including Empire Slaves, unicorns, gargantuans and a Yeti.

The Overlord luckily escapes by destroying the imperial lodge above the arena where the Emperor is sitting with Marius.


Behind the scenes[]