Overlord Wiki

Empire Archers Dressed in green, blue and Black tunics also equipped with archer helmets, quivers, recurve bows, arrows and often use flaming arrows to defeat their enemies. They can be quite dangerous, when inaccessible to the minions, but otherwise they are pushovers. They have much less health than soldiers of the same level, and never appear in formation. Some archers, later in the game, shoot flaming arrows, which will catch you on fire if you get hit. They will not do much damage to your Red Minions, but all other minion type and the Overlord will take significant fire damage when hit. At the end of the game, there are some highly armoured archers that have crossbows. They have a much higher defence than the earlier archers, but they still have much less health than the highly armoured soldiers.

Empire Soldiers come in Three different colours:

  • Green — Arrows
  • Blue — Flaming Arrows
  • Blue — Bomb Arrows