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Elven Priestess CG Model.jpg
CG Model, showing these fat elves.
Elven Priestess.jpg
A concept, showing front view and back view and the design of the elven priestess.
Elven Priestess Platform1.JPG
An Elven Priestess on her platform.

The Elven Priestesses, also known as Mother Goddess Priestesses, are fattened elven women first found in the Everlight Jungle. According to Gnarl, they overfeed themselves to look like the Mother Goddess. They also dress like her, wearing tall headdresses and a bra and grass skirt. They are encountered only in the Everlight Jungle with the exception of the one in the Nordberg Commune.

The priestesses may be fat, but they can jump very long distances, which is why they are usually fought near platforms or ledges. On most platforms, the priestess will be unreachable for all but the Reds and the Overlord's Evil Presence spell. After taking some damage, the priestess will jump down clumsily and she can be attacked by all minions. After some time, she will cast a spell that will knock over the Overlord and his minions if they are near her. Then she will jump away and the whole cycle will start over again.

The priestesses do not do much damage, but they have a lot of health, which can lead to rather long fights. This is especially noticeable in the Nordberg Commune, where the priestess will jump up to a ledge overhead, which takes some running around to reach. This fight can be shortened by positioning some Greens and Browns on a guard marker on one side, while the Overlord and several minions fight her on the other side.

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