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The majestic Castle Spree, burned by the Ruborian Raiders.

Castle Spree is located to the north of Spree.

When you arrive here, the castle is under attack of the ruborian raiders. Rose can be found within, after you get her luggage bag, she will become the Overlord's mistress.

The approach to the Castle gate is slightly prolonged by numerous attacks on the Minions and the Overlord himself. The attackers are armed with nothing but claws as they are just bugs. Fire bugs in fact. This is the first sighting of Fire based enemies who drop Fire lifeforce when they die in Overlord.

Theory: Some but very few people theorize that Castle Spree is a rebuilt structure of Castle Gromguard falling down, due to similar landscape meaning that heavens peak could be potentially Meadow sweet town and any remaining bandits after the the first Overlords death/disappearance started to set up a small hamlet west of Meadow sweet town and they named their new land "The Mellow Hills" and made money of native sheep and firewood allowing them the benefit of upgrading their hamlet to a village and named it spree, shortly after halflings moved away from Meadow sweet/heavens peak town due to the productivity and moved to a village that they found as Spree and found that this village was unprotected and had plenty of food and water, and so halflings moved into spree along with their leader Melvin Underbelly and started to harass spree villagers for their food and this eventually became constant.

The reason Meadow sweet town became a city known as Heavens Peak is because they elected a new leader named as Sir William who was one of the heroes and so he cheated on his fiancee Velvet and instead dated a Succubus who started the plague of zombies.