Castle Gromgard-Landscape

Another landscape,showing Castle Gromgard.

Castle Gromgard is the First Overlord's residence in Overlord: Dark Legend.

History Edit

Here resides the First Overlord and his family. After his brother and sister moved out, the castle was the first Overlord's domain.

Castle Rooms Edit

Throne room Edit

This is the room where you have access to the other regions in the game, and the other areas of the castle. Here you also find the mana and health totems and of course your throne.

Main Hall Edit

This is the main hall of the castle. Unlike the other overlord games the tower seems to clean up all the ferns and bushes by itself when you log back on into the game on wii

Forge Edit

This is the place where you can make new items for your evil magnificence or upgrade your minions.

Treasury Edit

Where you store your treasures, i.e. gold etc.

Cellars Edit

In the cellars you will find a way out of the castle in the beginning. You can find the Minion hives here too.

Kitchen Edit

This is the place where your cook works and where you got your overlording glove at your sixteenth birth day.

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