"Those creatures are called Boombo birds. They're as deadly as they are stupid looking."


Boombos are aquatic birds with large beaks and tiny brains. In Overlord, they can be found in the watery areas around Heaven's Peak. They are known to attack and kill Blues, and they are also very protective of their nest. They can be used to complete certain challenges.

Biology and Traits Edit

Boombos or Boombo Birds are flightless aquatic birds with large beaks and tiny brains that resemble large dodo birds and typically live in or near water, especially the swamps around Heaven's Peak. They all live together in small to large sized breeding colonies for mutual protection against predators and egg thieves. They are very aggressive, unintelligent, and are very protective of their eggs.

Boombo Nest

A Boombo Bird Nest,full of eggs.

Boombos are not the smartest creatures in the swamps of Heaven's Peak. They are known to be dumber than a sheep. Most predators in swamps of Heaven's Peak like the Water Serpents, find these dumb animals easy prey. Their lack of intelligence doesn't make them any less dangerous, however; they are known to attack other animals bigger than them without sense of self-preservation, and they are can be extremely dangerous in larger numbers.

The breeding grounds of these birds can be found all in Heaven's Peak Swamps and somehow a few Boombos found their way in the sewers and made their nests there. Boombo eggs are very delicious but due to the overprotective nature of the Boombos they are hard to get which makes them a rarity. Professional Boombo Egg Pouters are paid a lot of money to get these tasty eggs but when they steal an egg from Boombo Nest they often have to run for their lives with a horde of angry Boombos on their heels.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Boombo closely resemble Dodo birds.