Bob is a peasant, who lives in the village of Spree and owns a small farm that has been invaded by halflings. His look is similar to a scarecrow. He is incredibly afraid of talking pumpkins. If you kill him he will not respawn.

In Overlord: Raising Hell he makes another appearance in the Mellow Hills Abyss, where he has (yet again) been kidnapped by halflings. You can choose to kill or free him.If you choose to kill him, he will drop blue,green and red lifeforce. If you choose to free him instead, he will supply you with gold and Minion Equipment that respawns every time you leave the area.

He never appears in overlord 2 however we can obviously assume that he was killed or mutated by the great cataclysm or he traveled with some spree villagers to the empire heartland to help the uprise of the glorious empire.

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