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Blaze is one of the Reds and a member of an elite team of minions in Overlord: Minions.


Blaze is currently a member of the Special Forces Team and helped to avert the Kindred Revival crisis along with his fellow team members, falling into a mine cart after standing too close to a dwarf scientist who was holding an explosive concoction, and was unfortunately and sadly rebuked by Gnarl after the other minions found and rescued him, despite the fact that the team along with the Overlord and Gnarl were happy with his rescue. He occasionally argues with Giblet over whether to bash things or burn them.


Blaze wears the typical attire of most Red minions and has most of their special abilities and some of his own.

His Fireballs are far more potent than a regular Red minion's and he can also walk through fire like a normal Reds.

He can also throw a Huge Highly Explosive Fireball and can also trigger far away switches with his Fireballs. He is also more skilled at melee combat than a normal Red but still prefers to throw Fireballs at his opponents. 


Overlord: Minions[]


Blaze is a fast talking, high spirited Minion often on the verge of spontaneous combustion. He is a bit of a show off and likes to make fun of the other minions.

Blaze must be held back for his fire throwing abilities to have best results. Like any creature born of flames he is a bit of a pyromaniac and will often argue with Giblet about whether it is best to bash things, or burn them.


Blaze can resist all types of fire and attacks with small ranged flames. His Special Ability is a powerful fireball attack.