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A Beholder in Castle Spree.

The Beholders are magical floating, eye-covered, tentacled beasts. They can teleport enemies (usually Ruborians) into combat, and by the same token can teleport away any minions that go directly beneath them, presumably to be killed. There is a fiery variant that is immune to fire attacks and summons Ruborian Bombers.

They are very dangerous for the Overlord and his minions. Luckily they have one weakness, they can be attacked from above with Reds or Greens.

Kahn uses them to attack the village of Spree and also to control the town of Heaven's Peak.The first beholder is encountered in Castle Spree,where it teleports Ruborian Fighters.

Fellowship of Evil[]

The Beholders make a return in Fellowship of Evil, but are here, called Void Gazers. These creatures are visible in Hollowmurk where Nether Elves invoke them through human the Shining Justice deliver them.


They are very similar to Beholders of the Dungeons and Dragons Universe.


They also look similar to Overseers from Starcraft 2.