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The Infernal Commander, helmet, Overlord II

The Armory is where the Overlord keeps his weapons and armour when he is not using them. Here you can swap to any weapon, armour, and helmet you own or have forged.

The armoury also displays information and some stats about your equipment.

Overlord & Raising Hell[]

In Overlord the armoury already has a set of steel armour, which includes a steel helmet, steel body armour, and steel axe that the Overlord automatically equips at the beginning of the game. Before you can choose from more equipment, you will need to find the three smelters for Steel, Durium, and the Arcanium, and forge.

In Overlord: Raising Hell the unique moulds will let you forge special weapons and armour. Find them in the various new abysses.

Overlord II[]

In Overlord II the Overlord comes with a minion armour, helmet, and axe at the beginning of the game. After you will have more equipment to choose from, first find the three Forge Stones, and then forge.

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