Armour in the Overlord Series protects you from damage, and if you are willing to sacrifice your minions, you can boost its stats significantly.

Overlord Edit

In Overlord your protective options are restricted to a Helmet and an actual body Armor. Sacrificing minions can enchant them, to give you more defense, increase your maximum health & mana, and/or to add health
  • Durium Armour.
  • Arcanium Armour.
  • Corruption changes on Arcanium Armour.
  • Steel Armour Concept Artwork.
  • Durium Armour Concept Artwork.
  • Arcanium Armour Concept Artwork.
  • Durium Armor
  • Steel Armor.

Your look will differ, depending on how "Corrupt" you are in the game:

  • Low corruption — Shiny, Paladin look.
  • High corruption — Dark and spiky Overlord look.

Steel Edit

This is the armor you get from the beginning and it is by far the weakest of the three armor types. You will need to get the Steel Smelter for this kind of metal from Mellow Hills around the Spree's farmland once you get the Reds.This armor also changes,depending on the alignment.

Steel Gold Max. # Minions
Armour 2000 325
Helmet 2500 675

Durium Edit

This metal is better than Steel as it provides more base defense. You can get the Durium Smelter in the Understreets of Heaven's Peak.

Durium Gold Max. # Minions
Armour 4000 575
Helmet 4500 1150

Arcanium Edit

This is the most powerful armor you can get. It has the highest base defense without enchantments with the added bonus. Plus this armor changes depending on your alignment. You find the Arcanium Smelter in the Arcanium Mines in the Golden Hills.

Arcanium Gold Max. # Minions
Armour 7000 1000
Helmet 8000 2,000-15

Overlord: Raising Hell Edit

In Overlord: Raising Hell, there are unique moulds to be found in the Abysses, letting you create two unique armor parts. They have special effects, and do certain kinds of damage.
Armor of Fire Helmet of Harvesting

The Armour of Fire along with the The Harvesting Helmet.

Overlord II Edit

  • Minion Armour Concept Artwork.
  • Concept Artwork of the Elemental Armour.
  • Concept Artwork of an infernal armour.
  • Concept Artwork of Overlad's "armour".
OL2 Infernal Armor

In Overlord II, you need Forge Stones (to be found in Nordberg, and Empire Harbour) and that give you a few additional armour options for helmet and body armour.

Prologue Edit

Overlord's damaged armour can be considered as "very-first armour".

Note:This armour is only available during the Prologue.

Initially available Armour Edit

The Overlord already wears these at the start of the game (or at least after his raising to an adult):

1st Forge Stone Edit

3rd Forge Stone Edit

Overlord: Dark LegendEdit

In Overlord: Dark Legend, there are three Classes of Armour that can be forged other than the basic set: Skull,Corrupt and Diabolic, each of which comes in three colours, of which Gold is consistent.

Basic Armour: Lord Gromgard starts off with this set, which was apparently belonged to his Uncle, the Black Baron, before him.

Skull Armour: This selection becomes available after retreiving the Castle Forge from the Black Flame Bandits.

Skull Gold
Steel 1,000
Molten 1,500
Gold 2,500
Corrupt: Becomes available after retreiving the First Forge Relic from Hammerstone Gorge.

Armour Concept Art.

Corrupt Gold
Steel 2,000
Cobalt 3,000
Gold 5,000

Diabolic: Becomes available after retreiving the Second Forge Relic from the Hammerstone Foundry.

Diabolic Gold
Steel 3,000
Jade 4,500
Gold 7,500

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