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Angelis Keep.

Angelis Keep is found in Overlord and Overlord: Raising Hell. It sits as the political center of Heaven's Peak and is the final area in the city that the player will visit.

The keep has been sealed off due to the Zombie infestation, and Sir William refuses to leave.


Angelis Keep is home to Sir William the Black and his fiancée; Velvet.

Outside the keep are a few Fallen Knights and Succubi. The drawbridge will fall when the Overlord has gone to Halfway to Heaven Inn and defeated the Succubus Queen.

The Overlord enters the keep and battles Sir William, who has surrounded himself with Red Dawn cultists. As the Overlord follows William, Red Priests spawn endlessly from alcoves, and William must be confronted twice before he is killed, surrounded both times by his cultists.

After defeating the Paladin, the player is presented with a choice; take Velvet (corruption choice) as your mistress or stay faithful and remain with Rose.